Multiman II - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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Multiman II

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• Handheld diagnostic tool, displays at the same time values of pressure, vacuum, temperature and RPM of engines fueled with petrol (conventional and GDI systems) and Diesel (conventional and common-rail systems). Application fields: agricultural and earthmoving machinery, aircraft and marine engines and power units.
• Selectable combinations of individual and differential
pressure and vacuum, temperature tests on several points of the engine and on the heat exchangers,
allow the solution of the complex problems of
optimisation of engine performance and the reduction of fuel consumption and of harmful emissions.
• Digital and histogram readings with data storage
of five screenshots, the recall and comparison of stored information, facilitate diagnosis reducing maintenance times.
• Allows sending of stored measurements to the PC
data bank or to the printer ST Plus (optional) via RS232 port.
• Date, time and confirmation beep of fuction selection
and of low battery.


• Pressures: 0 ÷ 100, 250, 600 bars (optional
mechanical adapters and sensors)
• Pressure/vacuum: – 1 ÷ 30 bars
• Common-rail Pressure : 0 ÷ 2000 bars
(optional sensor)
• Temperature: – 40 ÷ 800 °C
(optional probe)
• Thermal printer: 24 columns, with frame for
(optional) internal battery and constant current battery charger
• Display LCD: 128x128 pixels (backlit)
• Power supply: 6 x1,2V Ni - MH battery
• Dimensions: 184 x 114 x 40 mm
• Weight: 800 g approx.

Equipped with:

• 1 thermocouple type K: – 40 ÷ 250°C
• Pressure/vacuum sensor: – 1 ÷ 30 bars
• Battery charger: 220 Vca -12 Vcc, 300 mA
• Plastic carrying-case

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