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- Combines the performance of a multimeter and an oscilloscope in the size and cost of a multimeter.
- Allows you to perform numerical measures and oscillographic up to 3999 points, the DC voltage, AC (RMS) and peak current (multimeter), and AC surge peak (via clamp CP05), resistance (ohms), continuity , diode test, injection time or implementation (duty cycle) of actuators and frequency up to 10 kHz, using sliders. Please also measures of capacity and decibels.
- Automatic selection of the measurement range of voltage as a function multimeter and oscilloscope, automatic time base in oscilloscope function. - Stores up to 100 measurement data and screens oscillograms.
- Connecting to a PC via USB/RS232 isolated and PC6100 software.
- Powered by Lithium-ion batteries with adjustable automatic shut-off and battery indicator. Power supply unit for charging.
- High Contrast FSTN LCD display with backlight for work in environments that are not Illuminati.
- Sync oscilloscope: auto, normal and single pulse. Specifications
- VCC: 400m/4/40/400/1000V ± 0.75%
- VCA: 4/40/400/750V ± 1.2% (50 ~ 1kHz), 5% (~ 10kHz)
- ACC: 400m/4m/400m/4/20A ± 1.2%
- Ohm: 4004k/40k/400k/4M/40M ± 1.0%
- Freq: 5.12Hz ~ 5.12MHz ± 1.0%
- ZIP code: 512n/5.12/51.2/100F
- Percentage of Implementation (duty cycle): 0.1 ~ 99% (depending on multimeter)
- Continuity and diode test: Audible Beep below 30 ohms CLAMP OPTIONAL
- Can be connected to the multimeter / Oscilloscope DSO 600 for measuring DC, AC and pulsed peak of automotive and industrial plants.
- Try measures of 2, 20 and 100 A f.s. With resolution of up to 10mA.
- Power supply: 9V alkaline battery

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