DB4 - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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- Enables to read RPM by a simple connection to the vehicle battery through the optional battery kit on petrol engines equipped with coil per plug ignition systems or common rail (Diesel injection).
- Differential measurements of engine and viscous fan’s RPM, pulleys, etc.

Technical features:

- 2 x 16 characters backlit display.
- Analog bar graph for checking RPM variation.
- Beeper to alert the operator when the programmed RPM’s are exceeded.
- Selectable reading refresh function from 1 up to 5 per second.
- Power supply from internal Ni-Cd accumulators with auto power-off and microprocessor-controlled recharging.


- 100 ÷ 20 000 RPM on petrol engines with inductive clamp.
- 100 ÷ 6 000 RPM on Diesel engines with piezo clamp and on Diesel-petrol with battery-sensor cable.
- 100 ÷ 65 000 RPM on pulleys and other rotating parts with photoelectric sensor.
- Accuracy: 0.2% or 1 RPM resolution.


- Diesel kit - Kit for Diesel engines.
- Petrol kit - Kit for petrol engines.
- Battery kit - Kit for connection to battery.
- Photosensor - Kit for measuring at a distance of about 18 cm.
- Laser photosensor - Kit for measuring at a distance of about 200 cm.

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