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• Allows to diagnose by simple messages the cause of non-operation of A/C systems, of low performances of compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, and lack or deterioration of coolant.
• Displays at the same time digital values and
bargraphs readings of high/low pressure and temperature.
• Probe to measure environment temperature and
humidity. Displays digital values and graphic of cooling in different points of the cab.
• Internal two-channel scope and PWM signal
generator, allow to check wiring continuity, recirculation valves of compressor, stepper motors, output voltage/frequency of air quality sensor, of solar irradiance sensors, etc.
• Amp clamp (optional) to check working current of
electrovalves, stepper motors and of other actuators.
• Storage and recall up to 10 screenshots
• The datalogger DL 2000 (optional) can check
random malfunctions of pressures, and temperatures in various points of the A/C system, on the road for more than 10 hours.
• Serial port RS232 for connecting to PC or printer
ST Plus (optional).
• Clock, date and indication of the accumulators’


– Pressure: 0 ÷ 30 bar ± 1.5% f.s.
– Temperature: – 55 ÷125 °C ± 1.0% f.s.
– Air temperature: – 40 ÷120°C ± 1.0% f.s.
– Relative humidity: 0 ÷100 % ± 2.0%
– Two channels scope: 0 ÷15V (each channel)
– Backlit LCD graphic display:128 x 128 pixels
– Power supply: 6 x 1.2 V internal accumulators
– Autonomy: 2 hours (with display backlit)
– Dimensions: 184 x 114 x 40 mm
– Weight: 800 g approx.
– Mains battery charger: 220 V ac –12 V dc, 300 mA

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