GI 3000 - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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GI 3000

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GI 3000 Tester generator frequency, voltage and RCO laptop with battery power for the simulation of the operation of the sensors and actuators motor.


The GI 3000 allows control of
Most sensors or actuators a vehicle.
It also allows you to simulate different signals:

• Measure the battery voltage

• Measures voltage from 0 to 16V

• Simulate a voltage from 0 to 5V

• Measures frequency from 1 to 500Hz

• Simulates a frequency from 10 to 500Hz

• Measure a cyclic ratio of 1 to 99%

• Simulates a cyclic ratio of 5 to 95%
(with a frequency varying from 10 to 500Hz)

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