KW 760s - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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KW 760s



- Lets you check in quickly and easily if the ignition coil produces the correct voltage secondary ignition on plants distributor or DIS.
- Supporting the probe on the ignition cable, allows to perform the measurement and the comparison of the voltage in kV, and the duration of the spark for each candle.
- Whenever the probe detects a voltage secondary ignition and a sufficient duration, the LED indicator allowing you to check if there are intermittent due to cables, spark plugs, cap or coil defective. Pressing the button will be shown in kV voltage and polarity. How to use: fast
- After switching the red and green LEDs flash alternately until a signal is received not less than 5kV power. Subsequently, the red LED flashes and the red / green LEDs indicate the polarity.
- If less than 5kV go to "Measuring mode". If no signal is not detected within 30 seconds, the meter turns off. How to use: measure
- They can be measured ignition voltages below 5 kV. During the measurement of the peak power in kV, the red and green LEDs remain lit for 10 - 15 seconds. Then do the following:
- After measuring emits a "beep". - The LED of the sensor flashes three times. - The LED indication of polarity.
- The display shows the voltage in kV detected for 15 seconds.

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