MF4 - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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Menu driven measurements of battery voltage in Volts, illumination in lux and adjusting of any kind of headlamps of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles.
The display shows: low, high and correct
inclination of dipped beams from 0 to –4%.
Check of horizontal deviation and shape of
headlamp beams on the internal reference screen.
RS 232 serial connection to PC or built-in 24
column thermal printer (S2B - option).
Alignment to vehicle axis through mirror or laser
line (ELL - option). Alignment to headlamp center through arrows on the measurement unit or laser spot (ELLS - option).
Water level for unlevelled floors and knob for
horizontal levelling of the measurement unit (MM 1765 - option).
Special low aberration Fresnel lens, with hard
glass protection against bumping and scratching, assures a better quality and resolution of images.
Strong mechanical structure with practical vertical
sliding and locking system of the measurementunit, rotating pole (ELP - option) and plastic wheels for use on floor, fixed places or rails.
Designed for simple assembling, allows shipping
in separate parts, reduces risks of bumping and transportation costs.


Backlit LCD display, 2x16 characters
Measuring ranges:
– Main beams lighting:  0 ÷ 150 klx, ± 5% f.s., 0.5 klx resolution
– Dipped & Fog beams lighting: 0 ÷ 90 klx, ± 5% f.s., 0.5 klx resolution
– Battery voltage: 0 ÷ 30 Volts, ± 1% resolution
Vertical sliding: from 30 to 140 cm
Battery charger: 220 V ac/12 V dc
Dimensions: 54 x 67 x 195 cm
Weight: 23 kg approx.


ELM – Handle for comfortable shifting of the unit.
ELR – Rails for inspection centres.

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