KIT14B - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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For representing on the oscilloscope display secondary voltages of BMW, Mercedes, Fiat and other coil per plug systems.

TL 10 - Adapter for measurements on standard and DIS secondaries.
TL 10G - Adapter for measurements on secondaries of coil per plug systems: Bosch, Bremi, BMW and others
(with TL 123 and AD 14C cables).
TL 12E - Adapter for measurements on coil primaries, sensors and actuators with peak voltage higher than 100 V.
TL 13E - Ground connection TL 10 - TL 12E - TL 10D.
TL 15B - Single tests on coil per plug systems with TL 10G - H - E adapters.
TL 78 - Adapter for measurements on sensors and actuators with peak voltages lower than 100 V and connection
to TL 10G - H - E adapters.
MM 1485 - Crocodile clip for TL 12E pin probe..

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