DSO F93 - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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• Internal database with 50 different reference signals of sensors and actuators for a direct comparison on the display with the ones under test.
• Simply press a button to select the reference
signal and to begin testing.
• Measurement of weak currents through
Amp clamp (optional) on faulty systems that discharge the battery at rest, no need of disconnecting the battery cable.
• Current measurements on sensors and
actuators with the engine started avoid that the Engine Check light lights on and that fault codes are stored in the ECU.
• Clearly marked buttons and the messages
displayed allow an easy operation and and immediate understanding of measurements.
• Electroluminescent backlight allows the unit
to be used in low light conditions.
• Special anti-aliasing software to sample
ignition voltage signals.
• The power supply from internal rechargeable
accumulators enable to use it in any place, with no need of replacing them.
• RS 232 serial port for connection to PC for
displaying signals on the PC screen.


- Carrying case
- Instruction manual


- KIT 14: F93 – KIT0075 – 0095A – TL37A
- Prova 15: Amp clamp + AD49 adapter
- 1:10 probe for measurements up to 600 V

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