MF2 - SINCRO automotive tester attrezzature diagnostiche per officine

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• Designed to work without internal batteries, eliminates service and maintenance costs.
• Simple and reliable measurements of battery
voltage in Volts, illumination in lux, checking of any kind of headlamps of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles.
• Allows to adjust the inclination of dipped beams
from 0 to –4%.
• Displayss horizontal deviation and shape of all
headlamp beams on internal reference screen.
• Alignment to car axis through mirror or laser line
(ELL - option). Alignment to headlamp centre through arrows on the measurement unit or laser spot (ELLS - option).
• Water level for unlevelled floors and knob (MM
1765 - option) for horizontal levelling of the measurement unit.
• Special low aberration Fresnel lens, with hard
glass protection against bumping and scratching, assures a better quality and resolution of images.
• Strong mechanical structure with practical vertical
sliding and locking system of the measurement unit, rotating pole (ELP - option) and plastic wheels for use on floor, fixed places or rails.
• Designed for simple assembling, allows shipping
in separate parts, reduces risk of bumping and costs of transport.


• Moving coil meter with 63 x 30 mm dial
• Measuring ranges:
– Main beams lighting:
0 ÷ 150 klux, ± 5% f.s., 1 klux resolution
– Dipped & fog beams lighting:
0 ÷ 90 klux, ± 5% f.s., 1 klux resolution
– Battery voltage:
0 ÷ 30 Volts, ± 2% f.s.
• Vertical sliding: from 30 to 140 cm
• Dimensions: 54 x 67 x 195 cm
• Weight: 23 kg approx.


• ELM – Handle for comfortable shifting of the unit.
• ELR – Rails for inspection centres.
• Battery charger: 220 V ac/12 V dc
(supplied with ELL and ELLS laser generators)

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