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The INJECTEST tester allows you to test solenoid Common Rai injectors by simulating the signal of pre-injection, injection and post-injection openings, normally sent by the ECU.

• For didactic purposes the post injection current flowing in the solenoid, is generated by an ON/OFF driving voltage.

• The tester simulates an engine speed range from 390 to 1200 rpm, adjustable by the knob on the front panel.

• The number of pulses can be seen on the oscilloscope to verify the presence of  the voltages signals.

• The relative current circulating in the solenoid, can be seen by using the PROVA 15 amp. clamp (optional).

• The jumper located on the front panel, allows you to connect the timing light P4S to see the pre-injection pulverization, by using the manual pump. The injection and post-injection signals can be seen by using the timing light P7.

• The error code generated by running the test on the vehicle, can be erased by: a series of engine ckranking, through OBD II Scan or other fault code eraser.

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